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Good days

I’ve already written quite a lot about the bad days. So you’ve got to be wondering; how about the good days?

Bad days are not all bad and good days are not all good. I think that is the same for everyone. A week ago I had a good day. I was out with my husband and my daughter. We went to an obstacle run, they were doing the running and I was there with my camera to make sure we had pictures to prove it happened 😉 The process of making the pictures actually involved a lot of running out in front of them to the next obstacle so I could make pictures of them arriving at the obstacle. I am not healthy (next to the depression thing) so I was hurting, but it was just so much fun seeing my husband and daughter smiling and jumping around in the mud. It was totally worth it! Even when at the end of the day I was on the couch with some heavy painkillers.

This beautiful day with friends, fun, activity and laughter will stay with me. The couch and the painkillers.. well, that happens so often, it’s not really something that will stand out.

I try to take something good out of every day and be grateful for that. Yesterday I was able to help a friend getting a lock off her bike that she’d lost the key from. She’ll have better mornings because she doesn’t have to walk the last mile(s) to work, but will be able to ride her bike. Small victories are victories too. I sometimes even count getting out of bed and going to work as a victory. It’s never easy and I owe my husband a million thanks for helping me every morning, but I do it. Even if I feel like I’m going to cry (sometimes I actually do), I get out of bed and start my day.




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