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How are you?

The question that you can not answer correctly when depressed or sad. You either lie and tell whatever the person asking the question wants to hear or you tell the truth most people are not interested in.

When people I don’t really know ask the question I can just smile and go ‘Fine!’ or I make some sort of joke. But how about when people you do know care about you ask? I had the habit of still not answering truthfully but just giving the answer I thought was expected of me, giving the answer that was socially acceptable.

I’ve stopped doing that. When someone asks I decide in a split second if I feel like they are truly interested or just asking out of curtesy. If it is the latter, I respond ‘Fine!’ while I continue to do whatever it is I’m doing. When I feel like the person asking might give a shit, I answer truthfully.

So far, I like the response. A lot of people open up to me about their own struggles in life, often even about mental health. I love it. It gives me a feeling of not being the odd one out, not being the broken one and not being alone in this. On the other hand it saddens me, because so many people apparently do not talk about it until someone they know opens up. This is one of the many reasons I decided to start this blog. Beside the therapeutic effect is has on me, I hope to reach people and tell them they’re not alone.

Hey there! Thank you for reading my blog. If you struggle with mental health, sadness or any other issue you are not alone!

You can leave a comment here or not, you can talk to friends and family or not, you can get professional help or not, but do know that you are not alone. This week I also learned that the sadness, the darkness is not something that you should always be fighting against. Change it up and invite your sadness in, take a good look at it, really feel it.

Sadness can be beautiful. Sadness is also missing a loved one that passed away and thinking about the love you felt for this person. How the love you received from this person felt. Not only will you feel very sad to have lost this person, you might alsof feel warm, blessed or happy that this person was in your life at one point.

Do not always consider sadness or darkness your enemy. In many situations it can be a friend or an ally. I’m not sure how much sense this makes for most people, but do not always be hostile to your sadness. It is there for a reason.


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