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It’s all in your head

I recently started to hyperventilate. I started the sneaky ‘chronic hyperventilation’, where.. well, read this:

Factors that may induce or sustain hyperventilation include: physiological stressanxiety or panic disorder

So I’ve been getting panic attacks and I hyperventilate. My solutions are going to a physical therapist for my breathing, going to a psychologist for the underlying issues and making myself a weighted blanket. These blankets are used for people with anxiety, stress, panic, autism and many more disorders and syndromes. It feels like being hugged I’ve been told. I am very eager to learn if it will work for my breathing, because I also hyperventilate at night while asleep. Something my physical therapist assures me does not happen, but I guess I’m special.

I can’t help but wonder how I got here. For so long I had a backache that left me almost immobile some days. After a decade and a half I figured out this was because of repressed emotions, so I got rid of the pain (the repressed emotions not yet, but I’ll get there). A couple of months after this, I get panic attacks and I start hyperventilating. I must say I also got the diagnoses COPD and asthma, so it might not be as simple as I’d like. I do wonder if I didn’t just trade in one physical problem for another.. Unfortunately in modern medicine you have the people who look at every single body part, but never the body as a whole. You also have the people who look at the mind, but have no idea how that might tie in with your body.

The first group of doctors however love to tell you ‘It’s all in your head.’ Well, that’s great, can you get it out please?




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